I’m no fucking computer tech operator, if i don’t know nigga i don’t know


Red beans have finally found their perfect home.

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"im 12 but i am mature for my age"


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Finally! Summer is upon us!


If you can’t deal with my sarcasm. I can’t deal with being your friend. 

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I am 14 and I have struggled with eczema since the age of 3. Not only the itchy skin disorder was annoying but also embarrassing. Every since grade school, I would constantly be judged because of my skin. I remember it was so bad. I was covered in red flaky patches from my face to my arms, to my back, to my stomach and legs. I had to always wear long sleeves and pants yo cover me up. I went to dermatologist almost every other month and it wouldn’t help a bit.  I even still remember what the kids used to call me. “rash girl, ugly, dry face, etc.” I remember no one wanting to hang out with me because they might catch my eczema which is psychologically impossible. 6th grade was the worse for me. I remember walking home and these group of guys in my class would walk behind me and call me all sorts of names until I was home. I was so dependent, so weak. My self-esteem was just dropping. 7th grade came and my skin got better. All the patches were going away, my skin was practically clear. I was happy but it immediately went back to horrible the next year and my freshman year. That is what I hate about this skin disorder. You think its clearing and you can finally live a normal life but then you just automatically flare up again. I don’t really get bullied anymore but it still hurts inside when someone asks me about it. I’m still currently fighting my way to get rid of eczema and im holding in there. I’m a eczema warrior.


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